A Shape of Bicycles

Here, a shape of bicycle that made from lines in corel draw and photoshop

Wings Come From Drawing Lines

By Drawing lines in corel draw and photoshop, we can me everything like this wings.

Border For Everything

This is a simple border for all You need

It's Fire

More about lines, this is fire

Woman Body

This line produces the body of a woman. Look closely!

A Tree

By Drawing lines, we can make a simple tree

Sun Rises

Sun rises on the earth to make all plants can cook its food by  photosynthesis  process

A Chair For You

This is a chair for You:)

3 Tubes

3 tubes coming from lines drawing

A Green Sprout

Illustration of a green sprout behind the lines drawn with coreldraw.

Arches Simple Lines

This arch is drawn by using CorelDraw and combined with the colors. It can be developed for the more complex arches for all designs you need.